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Becomes the most important to deliver it fraction of seconds at alcodes otp processing is always taken care on highest possible priority.

How quick SMS is delivered.

4 Digit code sent to 9166266522


12 seconds delivery commitment

We know time is precious and therefore keeping in mind your crucial time we assure 12 seconds delivery time of messages. The messages are send in 12 seconds irrespective of the fact how long is the message list or how distant (in terms of across the border) is the receiver end.

Delivery Ratio upto 100%

Alcodes guarantee fast delivery with 100% assurance. With clients all around us we provide efficient delivery service so that you can reach your customers timely with the information and alerts.

Robust API

With the motive of providing user friendly base, we have set up a robust API for Alcodes app. This helps in easy and platform friendly availability to our app. You can download and use it easily on your mobile devices.

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Alcodes One Time Password (OTP) Authentication products release highly secure one-time passwords. In order to avoid shortcomings linked with traditional authentication systems, incorporation of OTP Service so as to access the device as well as the PIN.
The 2 factor verification method uses:
  • Something that belongs to user e.g. small key device like mobile phone.
  • Something known to the specific person e.g. PIN or OTP code
Because of time synchronization and mathematical algorithms, Alcodes provides two-factor authentications which results in additional layer of security and makes it harder for attackers and intruders to breach it. This increasingly popular security strategy is a popular measure and is equivalent to a combinational lock who keeps on changing its code.
One Time Password is a 2 factor authentication solution serving as a security process in which serves as a strong authentication to the communication system. By constant altering of the passwords, there is the involvement of two separate checks made to provide more secure access.
One time password is usually briefed as a disposable password for stronger authentication services. It is uniquely generated on each signing in activity of the user, and is typically a series of meaningless numbers or characters. OTP passwords are valid for a specific duration uses time synchronization for its existence. With the involvement of OTP passwords, Alcodes provides a complete secure system to promote your business throughout your network.
One Time password are available in varied customized plans on Alcodes app as well as website. If you are a registered user or a new user, you can visit the website or download our app to know the OTP prices.
This facility has been assigned with a large variety of OTP service plans which are specifically allocated for a category of customers for example: banks, e-commerce. Buying any OTP service plans from Alcodes will provide you a more secure channel of communication to connect with your customers directly.
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