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How quick SMS is delivered.

4 Digit code sent to 8058220122


12 seconds delivery commitment

We know time is precious and therefore keeping in mind your crucial time we assure 12 seconds delivery time of messages. The messages are send in 12 seconds irrespective of the fact how long is the message list or how distant (in terms of across the border) is the receiver end.

Delivery Ratio upto 100%

Alcodes guarantee fast delivery with 100% assurance. With clients all around us we provide efficient delivery service so that you can reach your customers timely with the information and alerts.

Robust API

With the motive of providing user friendly base, we have set up a robust API for Alcodes app. This helps in easy and platform friendly availability to our app. You can download and use it easily on your mobile devices.

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OTP or better we call it as One Time Password is a generally used as a mobile authenticator in form of a security code. This notification in form of code is a part of security technique that provides a secure access with the help of 2 factor authentication mechanisms.

The OTP service providers focus on the following means of safety:
  • On verification by sending OTP on the phone. This authenticates the device (e.g. small key device like a mobile phone).
  • An exchange of an OTP password is followed by the secure code is known to user e.g. PIN or OTP code.

Because of time synchronization and mathematical algorithms, Alcodes has grown as one of the leading bulk sms service providers in India. The facility of SMS packages along with ecurity mechanisms has prevented the attackers and intruders to breach the user availed services. This increasingly popular security strategy is a popular measure and is equivalent to a combinational lock that keeps on changing its code.
The basic functionality of this service involves a security process in which strong authentication to the communication system is involved. This strategical mechanism helps in avoiding any data theft.

Let us follow the fundamental steps of processing an OTP:
  • A user needs establishing its digital account. (For respective applications like internet banking, business accounts, etc.)
  • After the account creation, the SMS service provider shares a One-time password, what acts initially for device authentication.
  • After the matching of code, the account is verified.

OTP SMS uses shortcodes that are used for security purposes. It is uniquely generated on each signing in an activity of the user and is typically a series of meaningless numbers or characters. These passwords are valid for specific period uses time synchronization for its existence.
Alcodes Is a leading bulk SMS provider in India. We function in the facility of sending bulk SMS, which is categorized for various purposes. Sending messages like transactional, promotional, etc. along with delivery reports to follow a track are in the benefit chain of the services. One Time Password is available in varied customized plans on the website.
With a tremendous variety of OTP packages, which are appropriately allocated to a category of customers, for example banks, e-commerce. Purchasing any OTP service will provide you a more secure channel of communication to connect with your customers directly.
From top level to bottom, every organization needs customer engagement. For such purposes, they keep establishing communication, via SMS in various forms. The registered customers are often kept notified about activity using One Time Password mechanisms.
In order to keep intact with the activity and services, OTP authentication process has been a trustworthy medium of secure linking. The apps, websites or digital accounts frequently use this verification to authenticate the user login, the device sign in and even at times the network.
With an immense range of OTP service plans, has established a secure medium of communication using this process.
This shortcode is verified by feeding the numeric/alphanumeric message received from the mobile device to digital login. When the match occurs, then the user is good to go and take advantage of the services.
This way even the user is ensured of the safety feature, that there can be no security breach or any masquerading by a fishy account.

In this way the basic 3 steps:
  • Registration by customer
  • Temporary OTP SMS or Voice Call on the registered mobile number
  • Customer account and device authentication

And after all this, you can easily avail the benefits in your account.
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