Transactional sms

Making calls mails and man to man words cannot be successful for general information. So Transactional SMS makes it easier for us.


Group Phonebook

This feature allows users to easily upload and synchronize their phonebook contacts. You can make your own group of contacts or link the contacts from your mobile phonebook, which can save time while sending or scheduling SMS.

Unlimited Sender id's

Alcodes provide you unlimited sender id options. These sender id's are unique and you can choose the display name like from where the message has come from. These sender id's are alphanumeric and are unique for each SMS campaign.

Fast delivery

We guarantee fast delivery service for your transactional SMS campaigns. National or international both types of transactional SMS can be quickly sent to the receipt within fraction of seconds.

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Bulk sms is the best and affordable solution to reach your customers.


Alcodes deals in the provision of multiple SMS and OTP strategies to help you grow your business or organization. We assist in providing you an efficient transactional SMS India based service which can also covert the DND customers.
About transactional SMS, they are considered to be the most important information medium for the customers. These are incorporated with the intention to provide user specific information to the desired user like-service messages.
Since they are different from promotional or marketing based content, therefore transactional SMS include the DND customers too, like transaction related to any bank account held by the user.
Transactional SMS service can be used in bulk or customized frequency for target customer reach. Alcodes deal with transactional bulk sms as well as limited counts to reach the customer with the information related to them.
In the basic intent, transactional sms are send usually to share OTP, informational messages, any order related alert to the registered number of the customer. In order to release transactional SMS:
  • User needs to select a 6 alphabet sender ID with which transactional sms will be sent over.
  • Now if to send transactional SMS like OTPs, SMS alerts or order confirmations to your customers, contact us at:
  • We can also configure both promotional and transactional accounts to meet your business needs.
At Alcodes, we provide templates and various customized transactional sms plans to buy and send them to specific customers when the alert is needed. We serve as transactional sms provider, with efficient plans and ways to buy credits.
Either national or international, transactional sms package can be bought easily based on the available plans for the respective locations. We release timely delivery reports status to your alcodes account stating the stats of the running campaigns.
These transactional sms depends on the bulk volume and the price for their credits are dependent on the country and different consumption of credits. Also, as for now we are providing lifetime validity of credits.
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