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Transactional SMS

Alcodes provides Transactional SMS with template based layouts. There is a wide range of templates in transactional SMS and are considered to be very informative. With the need of quantitative and qualitative information these days, you can serve your customers with alerts and notifications by transactional SMS.

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Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS are time related messages, which are required to publicize or expand reach of one's business via text messages. Alcodes provides promotional SMS at individual as well as business level. Here you can advertise about your product or services with messages and reach your customers directly.

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Alcodes serves you with the facility of One Time Password which is inbuilt with most secure network. With OTP SMS service you can send alerts like sending one-time PIN or any login password which can used only once and for a limited period of time. They can be alerts with unique id or any code to avail the service for a limited period of time.

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You can use this app on multiple devices to create and monitor campaigns. It is free to create account and download app.


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Instant Delivery

Small, medium or large, business or individual, Alcodes believes in serving all kinds of their customers with featured services. While sending SMS- promotional, transactional or OTP SMS, we assist you with the instant delivery.

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Multi Operator

You can configure our SMS services with all your phonebook contacts at one time. With this feature, you can send the same message to all the synced users at the same time. Therefore, Alcodes provide you to direct connection with multiple mobile operators at the same time using same short codes to generate SMS.

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Group Book

With Group book or web SMS we enable you to advertise or promote your product or services. This is an SMS marketing feature with which Alcodes serves you to send group messages at a time serving large number of people concurrently.

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Analytics Ready

Analytics Ready is an efficient feature of our services which aids to track your campaign status via metrics and stats. We provide the statistics showing the performance and response of your SMS campaigns at the users end. With this feature you can monitor your results and collect data to further optimize performance of your SMS campaign.

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If you are in a reach to approach your customers, the best possible way turns out to be SMS marketing. SMS service is a highly effective way of linking the peoples' reach for any product or service introduction or promotion. This marketing technique utilizes authorization based messages for promotions.

Alcodes app is a platform to spread your customer reach to send SMS and use SMS gateway to enhance the direct connectivity with your people interests. We make your communication network with your contacts easy and efficient.

Whether you are sending sms for any marketing alerts, any promotional release or a sales event alert, Alcodes app performs SMS marketing for your works in a flexible manner with maximum relevant reach.
The bequest technique to reach a wide range of target customers in form of message, from application source is Bulk SMS and it has engaged the Indian market at its best. Bulk SMS service in India has evolved as a specific application to person connection establishing businesses and organization reach.

It is like a dissemination of large count of SMS messages delivered to various mobile phone terminals. Alcodes, turns out to be an easy and a smart platform as an SMS service provider. With customized and wide list of Bulk SMS packages in range, our sms platform offers top quality of service. Coherent features like smooth running, no software installation and easy app makes Alcodes a 24X7 available media as the SMS service provider.
Sending Bulk Message online makes the reach to the target customers easy and quick. These bulk SMS messaging solutions connect with the service providers SMS gateway platforms to send bulk SMS to the specific customer crowd. For successful creation and performance of bulk sms campaigns, ALcodes app is easily available to download for free.

This app gets integrated with the SMS gateway API and link with service providers to reach the receiving numbers. While composing SMS in Alcodes app, you can simply choose the sender mobile numbers from the phone book saved on your mobile phone. Once you have selected the customized or complete list of contacts, you can send the specific message and keep an eye on statistics or responses of the respective bulk SMS campaign.
Bulk messaging service has a hands on certified reach to the customers around the globe. Alcodes, the most convenient online web platform and app has marked its name as- bulk messaging India facilitator. Various benefits of this bulk sms app have benefited many business organizations with customized bulk sms solutions. The advantages of bulk sms here being:
  • Real time two way SMS connections.
  • Reach of SMS message to a customer regardless of their geographical locations.
  • Bulk SMS is always an affordable marketing plan to spread marketing reach in order to meet the target customers.
  • With Alcodes, bulk SMS can be easily send using web portal or the app.
Regardless of the size of business small, medium or big, SMS text messages marketing always performs at the topmost level with 98% open rate. We at Alcodes, easy and efficient SMS service provider provide high quality mass sms service using SMS gateway as the interface to link the customers of all kinds of business.

With recent stats by the Mobile Marketing Watch reports, it suggested that only 22% of the customers open and read the emails which is way back in performance as compared to the bulk messaging performance. Here, the contrast can be seen equivalent to 98% of customers reading the SMS text messages, which easily reach to individual customers from mass sms campaigns.
There are no doubts on the performance of SMS message marketing while running different campaigns to reach a customized audience. Alcodes provide bulk SMS APIs for wide range of operating platforms in form of website and app so before diving live into the online sms service or bulk sms release, there five things you must know about it:
  • There is always fast response time from bulk sms campaigns.
  • Unlike other marketing plans, bulk sms gateways hits right on the target
  • The meticulous timeline of SMS alerts always results in customer convenience
  • No spam boxes are involved when bulk SMS marketing reaches its customers
  • It is the best strategy with high returns and low investment.
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