A secure user flow is very important for any business. Thus, we at Alcodes ensure the highest delivery speed of OTP messages in just a fraction of seconds with complete authentication and robust authorization.

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When we talk about a normal business SMS, it sounds easy. On the contrary, an OTP SMS calls for a high security and speed as it involves identity verification and fund related aspects. It is a one-time password automatically generated to authenticate and verify users' identity in the course of a transaction or during a session. There are numerous OTP service providers in India, but no other can withstand our services.
We at Alcodes act as the most economical and secure OTP SMS gateway serving the businesses all over India. Be it a banking industry, or healthcare, insurance or transport; we cater to all types of business industries understanding the kind of authentication needs. We ensure the fastest OTP delivery within 1-5 seconds irrespective of the receiver's distance, therefore serving as an emerging one time password SMS gateway in the country. We've been providing SMS OTP service India-based since 2009 with other bulk SMS service plans as well so that the customer need not switch to another platform for its various messaging needs. Thus, we serve an all-in-one SMS service plan to our users covering all types of bulk SMS needs.

Delivery Commitment

Fastest delivery commitment

We know time is precious and therefore keeping in mind your crucial span we assure fastest delivery in just a couple of seconds. The messages are sent in 1-5 seconds irrespective of the fact of how long is the message list or how distant (in terms of the geographical boundaries) is the receiver's end. Therefore, we provide you with the best ever OTP SMS service.


Delivery Ratio up to 100%

We guarantee quick delivery with 100% assurance. With clients all around we provide efficient delivery service so that you can reach your customers timely with the complete information and alerts.

Robust API

Robust API

With the motive of providing a user-friendly base, we have set up a robust API for the Alcodes app. This helps in easy and platform friendly availability to our app with easy navigation. You can download and operate it easily on your mobile devices.

SMS Report

Track of all the real-time SMS reports

Alcodes has been working as an OTP service provider in India for long and we've always tried our best to regularly integrate interesting and useful features in our services. Therefore, keeping track of the SMS reports is a handy feature wherein the user can analyze the delivery time and other details at its end.

OTP Verification

Extra layer of security

We work effortlessly to authenticate the OTP verification mechanisms in such a way that ensures the highest security at our end so as to simplify the authentication process at the users' end. Be it the account creation, activation or any transaction, we make sure to keep the customer data secure and intact.


One Time Password is typically used as a mobile authenticator in the form of a security code.
Generally it takes 1 to 5 sec, OTP SMS are pushed through a high priority route to ensure instant delivery.
Yes we do provide HTTP API along with the API Documentation on how to integrate with your software.
Yes you can use multiple sender ids.