Transactional sms

Reliance on calls and emails is not successful in the era of advancement that’s highly dynamic. Therefore, use of transactional bulk messaging is making it easier to send user-specific information.



Group Phonebook

This feature allows users to upload and synchronize their phonebook contacts easily. You can make your own group of contacts or link the contacts from your mobile phonebook, which will ultimately save time while sending or scheduling SMS.

Unlimited Sender id's

Alcodes provide you unlimited sender id options. These sender id's are alphanumeric and unique for each SMS campaign. You can choose the sender id’s display name that will help to cognize from where the message has come.

Fast delivery

We guarantee fast delivery service for your transactional SMS campaigns. in order to attain cent percent delivery report. National or international both types of transactional SMS can be quickly sent to the recipient within fraction of seconds. You can even test our services instantly.

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Bulk sms is the best and affordable solution to reach your customers.


The best way to understand a transactional SMS is - for example, you withdrawn some money from your bank account via ATM. Then the other moment you receive a debit alert in form of an SMS on your mobile phone. Another example can be, you are using your shopping credits to shop at any clothing store you receive a debit alert of shopping points and a credit alert that specifies the added points. In this way, such alerts related to any credit/debit or any information balance of points, currency, value, etc. messages are known as transactional SMS.

Alcodes deals in the provision of multiple SMS and OTP strategies to support you grow your business or organization through SMS marketing. No matter your business is serving nationally or worldwide, We serve as an international bulk SMS service provider across the globe. As these SMS solutions are different from promotional sms or marketing-based content, therefore include the DND customers too. Therefore, with the growing diversity of businesses, transactional SMS service is capturing a vital perspective for numerous industries. Alcodes is therefore coming up as an emerging bulk sms service provider in India with an availability of 24*7 at your desk.

You can instantly send your transactional message globally and give your customers best alert service. There are pre-designed templates wherein only user specific data can be changed as per the customization and shared with the users.

In order to release transactions based alerts with Alcodes using sms api:

  • A user must have a sender id or register themselves with Alcodes. You need to also register your business/service for personal sender id.
  • To start with the bulk messaging service, one must select the package as per the frequency, duration and cost on their login dashboard.
  • A user can either sync or generate the contact list, to whom they are willing to send the message.
  • For further queries related to SMS text messages, you can contact our support team at [email protected]

At Alcodes, we provide templates and various customized bulk sms plans to buy and send them to specific customers when the alert is required. We serve as an SMS marketing online platform, with efficient bulk SMS messaging plans and ways to buy credits.

Either national or international, customized sms package can be bought easily based on the available plans for the respective locations captivating the utility of Bulk SMS worldwide. The enormous industry of e-commerce also flourishes with the support of such message alerts like alerts regarding shipment, notifications of order confirmation, etc.

Therefore, the price for the credits sending messages using bulk SMS gateway, varies as per country and different consumption of credits. Also, as for now, we are providing lifetime validity of credits.

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